Odisha Cuisine – Temple Prasad Style Dish

Odisha Cuisine Special Plate

Odisha has its own cooking style, for which it has created its own identity throughout the world. The Odisha cuisines use almost all local vegetables and grains. Basically Odisha cuisines are less in oil. In spite of that, it is loaded with good taste.

Odisha cuisines are flavorful and the aroma is just awesome. Rice is the major crop and food of Odisha. Almost all Odias love to eat rice in their meals. Lentils such as Horse gram, Moong Dal, Pigeon Pea, etc are major sources of Dal.

Vegetables used in Odisha cuisines are Pumpkin, Eggplants, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Jackfruits, papaya etc.

Some of the popular dishes made with rice are Khichdi, which is cooked with rice, lentils, vegetables, ghee etc. We can use dry fruits as well. There are two types of khichdi made in Odisha, Sadha (Salty) and Mitha Kanika (Sweet). Mitha Kanika is made with rice, ghee, sugar, and some dry fruits.

Dalma is another important dish that Odisha people love to eat. It is a mixture of lentils and seasonal vegetables. This goes well with rice and khichdi. The Dalma is finished with one tadka. Other famous dishes are Besara, Khata, Alu Potala rosa etc.

If you don’t know about Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath Temple, you may read find it on wiki. Mahaprasad consists of 56 recipes. The reason why it’s called 56 (chappan) bhog. In the Mahaprasad, it has rice, ghee rice, mixed rice, cumin seed and asafoetida-ginger rice mixed with salt, and dishes like sweet dal, plain dal mixed with vegetables, mixed curries of different types, Saaga Bhaja, Khatta etc.

There are some really delicious curries inside Odisha cuisines. Chattu besara (mushroom curry with mustard paste) one of them. Odisha people add some dry mango with it to enhance its taste.

Speaking of sweets in Odisha cuisines, we can get Chenna Poda, Rasagulla, Chenna Jhilli, RasaBali etc. Odisha is also famous for its Pitha (cakes) such as Manda Pitha, Arisa Pitha, Kakara Pitha, Chakuli Pitha and others.

Temple Style Recipes of Odisha Cuisine

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