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South Indian cuisine usually encompasses the five southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Kerala. Both the geography and cultural influence on the region’s cuisine. As with most countries, there are large regional differences and each state’s cuisine can vary greatly even within a specific state. South India has a hot, humid climate and all its states are coastal. Rainfall is abundant and so is the supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and rice. Andhra Pradesh produces Andhra cuisine which is largely vegetarian yet has a huge range of seafood in its coastal areas. Tamil Nadu has Chettinad cuisine, perhaps the fieriest of all Indian food. This style too is largely vegetarian. Kerala comes Malabari cooking, with its tasty seafood.

South Indian cuisine is the hottest of all Indian food. Meals are dominated with rice or rice based dishes. Rice is combined with sambar, rasam, dry vegetables, curry vegetables, different types of pancakes, curd, pickle, papad etc. Mostly they use coconut oil for cooking because it is easily available. In some special occasions they use ghee to pour over the rice. Some popular dishes in South India are kulambu, South Indian chicken curry, South Indian fish curry, Idlis, dosas, vadas, sambar, rasam, uttapam and payasam.

Thali is nothing without a plater filled with variety of dishes. Today, I am sharing South Indian style thali. Typically, thali consists of appetisers, main course, sides and deserts. This South Indian style thali consists of the following:

This is such a tasty thali. You can serve this on festivals as a lunch menu.

So, you just try these recipes at your home and share your experience with me. I am sharing the recipes of the dish below.

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