Are you a working lady or a man? Or are you tired enough to cook? Do you want to make Indian food for your lunch or dinner but the long list of ingredients and the preparation time scares you?

Don’t worry I will share with you some quick and easy recipes for your lunch or dinner. You could even cook this dish in 30 minutes with some multi-tasking with your double or triple burner stove . It will be a complete meal preparation with proper calorie intake. The lunch hours of every day when our metabolism is very high. That’s why you need a complete meal to make it complete.

According to health science, the calories you consume at lunchtime should have fewer carbohydrates and more in protein. As we are Indians in everyday life we consume lots of Vegetables, Roti, Dal / Kadhi, Paneer, and Rice for a complete meal. This meal suits best for lunch however you could also have it in your dinner for a change.

We always think healthy foods are expensive and a lot of time to prepare, but this is not true.

Below you will get some quick Indian vegetarian lunch and dinner recipes

Veg Quick Easy Thalli Photo
Veg Quick Easy Thalli Photo

Lunch or Dinner Menu

Jeera Rice: It is an Indian Style Rice dish flavoured with cumin seeds. This rice recipe goes very well with Palak Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Veg Kurma, and lentils. It is very popular in North India. This recipe takes very little time to prepare.

Moong Dal Tadka: It is one of the simplest Indian lentils made with Moong Dal. This is served with white steamed rice or Jeera Rice. It is very healthy as split dal is low in calories and high in protein, that’s why you can take it as a daily diet, it can help you with weight loss.

Paneer Fry: It is a simple stir-fried recipe combined with Paneer, Tomato, Onion, and some Indian spices. It takes a little time to prepare for lunch and dinner. It is one of the best appetizers in all restaurants. You can add spices according to your preference.

Papad: The Papad is a thin Indian wafer, which is made of dried lentils. It can be eaten fried or roasted. Papads are prepared with different flavours using different spices. It is served as an accompaniment to an Indian meal.

If you liked this meal, you may also want to try out other vegetarian meals like Odisha Temple style thali or South Indian Thali.