Moong dal halwa


Moong dal halwa is a traditional Rajasthani recipe. It is a classic recipe that is relished throughout Rajasthan during the winter months. Moong dal halwa is considered to be auspicious, and is often prepared during holi, diwali and weddings too. It is a famous North Indian recipe is made with [...]

Chhena Poda


Chhena poda - the Cottage Cheese Sweet Chhena poda - a recipe invented back during 1st half of twentieth centuries in Odisha history, is a cheese dessert from the state of Odisha. The chhena poda literally means roasted cheese in Odisha. Freshly made cottage cheese, sugar, ghee, cardamom powder kneaded [...]

Rasmalai Recipe


Rasmalai is a royal and delicious Bengali dessert, and one of my absolute favorites. A rich cheesecake without a crust - Rasmalai is also known as rossomalai, is a popular Bengali sweet dish. Filled with milk instead of syrup, makes the dish a variation of Rasagulla. This recipe can [...]

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