Cabbage Curry Recipe (With Fish Head) | Macha Munda Chencheda


Cabbage curry and Fish Head are popularly known as 'Bandhakobi Macha Munda Chencheda' or 'Bandhakobi Machha Munda Ghanta' is a famous Odia Authentic Recipe. This cabbage fish head curry can also be made using Chana Dal, Mix vegetables & Cabbage. It is best when paired with simple Rice & Dal. [...]

Cheesy Paneer Egg Bhurji Recipe


Ideal for Keto Diet Cheesy paneer egg bhurji recipe is a quick and easy to prepare delicious breakfast dish. Paneer lovers and eggiterians, raise your hand! If you are someone who eats paneer in almost any form, then you have come to the right place. Paneer is one item that [...]

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