Cabbage Curry Recipe (With Fish Head) | Macha Munda Chencheda


Cabbage curry and Fish Head are popularly known as 'Bandhakobi Macha Munda Chencheda' or 'Bandhakobi Machha Munda Ghanta' is a famous Odia Authentic Recipe. This cabbage fish head curry can also be made using Chana Dal, Mix vegetables & Cabbage. It is best when paired with simple Rice & Dal. [...]

Szechwan Chicken Egg Hakka Noodles


Szechwan chicken egg Hakka noodles is a Indo-Chinese recipe. Chinese food is very popular in India. Many people are aware that Chinese food in India is very different. A lot of Indian ingredients and spices are added while preparing the Chinese dishes that the dish is popularly called as Indo-Chinese. [...]

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