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Rava Idli Recipe | How To Make Rava Idli


Instant rava idli is a simple and healthy south Indian idli recipe made with suji batter. It is an ideal healthy morning breakfast recipe can be prepared without the hassle of grounding and fermenting the batter. Rava idli can be made with spices or without spices and hence can be [...]

Cheesy Paneer Egg Bhurji Recipe


Ideal for Keto Diet Cheesy paneer egg bhurji recipe is a quick and easy to prepare delicious breakfast dish. Paneer lovers and eggiterians, raise your hand! If you are someone who eats paneer in almost any form, then you have come to the right place. Paneer is one item that [...]

Dalma Recipe – Authentic Odisha Cuisine


Authentic Cuisine of Odisha Dalma Recipe - Odisha cuisine, is a simple and traditional recipe from Odisha. There are several benefits of cooking this dish. Firstly, it is a very healthy dish because of a lot of vegetables and lentils used in preparing the dish. Hence it makes the food [...]

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