Bengali Khichdi / Mung dal Khichdi


Bengali Khichdi/Mung dal khichdi is a dish made of rice and roasted mung dal along with vegetables. It is appraised as the purest form of the vegetarian dish as it doesn't consist of onion and garlic. Therefore, this dish is also served as 'Prasad' (sacrament) to Goddess Durga during Navratri. [...]

Ghanta Recipe | Samba Dasami Special Ghanta Tarkari


Ghanta tarkari recipe is one of our Odia authentic recipes. It prepares only the occasion of Samba Dasami. Samba dasami is at the doorstep and one of the Prasad this day in our house is "Ghanta tarkari". Samba Dasami is a festival unique to the state of Odisha, India. It [...]

Cabbage Curry Recipe (With Fish Head) | Macha Munda Chencheda


Cabbage curry and Fish Head are popularly known as 'Bandhakobi Macha Munda Chencheda' or 'Bandhakobi Machha Munda Ghanta' is a famous Odia Authentic Recipe. This cabbage fish head curry can also be made using Chana Dal, Mix vegetables & Cabbage. It is best when paired with simple Rice & Dal. [...]

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